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Bill Krekler

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Bill Krekler
Mains / Krekler
Herb. Hybrid

Double or Japanese type. Early. Vivid pink. Seedling No. not given. Parentage: Probably officinalis rosea plena x Alice Harding. The outer guard petals and those surrounding the center, are broad, clear vivid pink with lighter tips, with a collar of much narrower petals of the same color. Some petals are irregularly notched and crinkled. Occasional pollen sacs are found on some petals. The center is composed of almost Japanese type petalodes with string-like filaments. Carpels; small light green with deep pink stigmas. The stems are average in strength and medium in height. The foliage is scant for ten inches under the blooms and heavy below that. Spreading habit.

Reference: 1960-158:55