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Blanka z Valois

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Blanka z Valois
Uljana Blažková / Pavel Sekerka
Czech Republic

Received August 31, 2020. Seedling No. CH-20. Parentage unknown. First bloomed 1980’s, first propagated 2014. Has been distributed under this name to a number of botanical gardens in Europe and in garden nurseries in the Czech Republic. The name and description have also been previously published in two Czech magazines, Zahrádká? and Zahradnictví. Mid/Late season bloom. Dark red DOUBLE (RHS:61B), normally 4 blooms per stem, 4¼ inches in size (11 cm). Average width of guard petals 1? inches (3½ cm). Bracts develop petal-like structure, same color as petals. Average of 4 carpels, yellow (RHS:5D), small. Stigmas white, normal morphology, but seeds not noted. Pollen-bearing stamens embedded deep among the petals at center, normally not visible. Filaments orange at the base, yellow towards the tips. Staminodes, narrow linear structure, color same as petals. Staminodal disc obscure. Fragrant. Early foliage purple, green at flowering but edges and bases of leaves may retain some purplish tints. Stems and petiole purplish. Upright slightly spreading growth habit, height to 31½ inches (80 cm). Named during the celebrations commemorating the 700th anniversary of the birth of the Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV (1316-1378), for his first wife, Blanka z Valois (Blanche de Valois, 1316-1348) (m. 1329-1348)

Reference: 2020-DIR:06