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Blood Moon

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Blood Moon
Bremer, Nate
Herbaceous Hybrid

Seedling #NB-H25. Parentage: ‘Little Corporal’ x ‘The Mackinac Grand’. First bloomed 2010, propagated since 2012. Advanced generation herbaceous hybrid. Medium sized ruffled flowers, 1 to a stem, of the clearest red (5-6 inches; 13-15 cm). Color is extremely rich and has a depth that is seldom seen in reds. Plants are 30″ in height (76 cm) and have very sturdy stems that require no support (even in shadier locations). Foliage is deep red on emergence. Stems generally obscured by the foliage which matures to very deep green, with relatively wide leaflets providing a perfect back-drop to the vibrantly colored flowers. Technically a semi-double flower with carpels and pollen bearing stamens in the center, though these are usually obscured by the fullness of the petals giving the effect of a full double flower, especially so on more established plants. Green carpels, moderately hairy, 0-8 in number; red stigmas; red filaments; yellow anthers. Pollen fertility is good, but viable seed has not been obtained to date of registration. Bloom time is week 3-4 with lutea hybrid woody peonies. ‘Blood Moon’ has garnered much attention among the herbaceous hybrid peonies in Solaris Farm’s display garden for several years.

Reference: 2017-381:09