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Border Charm

Itoh Hybrid. Tree peony type, semi-single flowers. Parentage, Paeonia lactiflora cultivar x P. (Lutea Hybrid) ‘Alice Harding.’ First bloomed 1974. Itoh Hybrid, generally semi-single, tree peony type flowers, petals yellow, lighter colored at the outer ends with large red flares and a prominent center of sheathed carpels. Medium sized flowers on 24 inch stems are close to the large leaves. Stems arching to sagging, form a wide, low bush which comes back from below ground over-wintering buds each spring, very hardy and unaffected by severity of winter climates wherever tried. Distinctive, dark green leaves hold their appearance until hard frost, which together with the bush form makes an excellent plant for the position of a low shrub. A vigorous grower which does best under excellent soil fertility. Season-long height of the bush about 18 inches. Seedling # 206.

Reference: 1984-251:27