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Carol Lohry Cartwright

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Carol Lohry Cartwright
Roger Anderson / David Cartwright
Herbaceous Hybrid

Parentage: Anderson Tetraploid #167 x Reath Seedling #D-4. First bloomed 2004, first propagated 2008. Early-midseason blooming BOMB flowers are hot pink, 13cm (5″) in diameter, 10cm (4″) tall, are upward facing, and average one per stem. Flowers quickly fade to light pink in full sun, then, to a pleasing pinkish-cream. Flat and notched guard petals average 6cm (2.25″) in width. The central petalage is a tightly packed mass composed of twisted and narrow individual petals. Fragrance noted. Flowers possess on average three moderately hairy, pale-green carpels with pink stigmas of normal anatomy. No stamens, and seed fertility has not been noted. Plants reach 71-76cm (28-30″) at maturity, and carry narrow-pointed, green foliage. Foliage at time of emergence is red in color. Growth habit is upright, and mechanical support is unnecessary. ‘Madelin Teresa’ and ‘Good Karma’ are siblings. Flowers and plant stature are overall smaller than those of its siblings, but the hot pink flowers are more numerous. Named for the long-time curator of the Whitewater Historical Society Museum in Whitewater, Wisconsin. R070423.

Reference: 2023-DIR:XX