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Reiner Jakubowski
Canada, ON

Received October 28, 2020. Seedling 1019-01. Parentage: IT-58 x ‘Golden Era’ (IT-58 is an unnamed lactiflora seedling received from Irene Tolomeo many years ago, said to be the parent of her ‘Sonoma Halo’). First bloomed 2014, but was propagated in 2012 by grafting. Divided 2019. Has had scant distribution under number, and more recently under registered name. Mid/Late season bloom (along with peonies such as ‘Garden Treasure’ and ‘Goldilocks’ (Gilbertson)). DOUBLE, 5 inch flowers (12¾ cm) with creamy-yellow petals, fairly uniformly streaked or spotted with raspberry-pink, the overall effect tending to be viewed as peach or near orange. Guard petals about 3 inches long (8 cm) with flares extending 1¼ inches (3 cm). Edges of flares are indistinct or blurred. Through their life, flowers fade to near white with raspberry flares. Generally 5 carpels, pale green, with pink stigmas having normal anatomy, but no fertility. Stamens sparse, interspersed among petals at center, no pollen. Sheath absent. Foliage green, leaflet edges may have purplish tints, typical form for hybrids of this type. Height to 36 inches with similar spread. Mechanical support not needed, stems may bend when in flower, but do not break. As a specimen plant, the bending stems serve to provide a nicely rounded form, shielding the supporting stems from view. Named ‘Castlegar’ to commemorate the 20th annual CPS show and meeting, and to recognize all the effort that the people in Castlegar, BC, put into making it one of the best conventions in CPS history. This was the location and event at which Seedling 1019-01 made its debut so it is only appropriate.

Reference: 2020-DIR:56