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Contador’s Triple Crown

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Contador’s Triple Crown
Herbaceous Hybrid

Raised from reputedly wild collected seeds of P. steveniana, this seedling was selected as being sufficiently different from the rest to warrant naming and subsequent propagation as a cultivar. First year bloomed 2008, propagated 2008. SINGLE. Flowers are typical of the species, retaining a globe shape when fully open but differ somewhat in colouration. The flower is a soft shade of gold with a metallic sheen significantly different from the soft yellow of the species, with slight but attractive ruffling of the upper edges and a fine edging of soft rose/pink which bleeds slightly into some of the veining of the petals. Sepals are likewise strongly edged in red which bleeds down about 1/3 of their length, which is very noticeable in the bud for a few weeks before the flower opens. One flower per stem, 3 inches in size (7 cm), no fragrance. Carpels are smooth, yellow-pink in young flowers, changing to mid-green after flowering. Red stigmas are morphologically normal. Bright yellow stamens, exceeding ¾ inches in length, filaments purplish at the base. Has pollen, but no fertile seeds yet seen. Produces bright red infertile seeds whereas the species seeds are blue-black. Foliage is typical of the species; a lush mid-green, 3 to 5 lanceolate leaflets to each leaf, prominent veining. Petioles sometimes flushed reddish towards their base. Height to 34 inches when well established. Named with permission for the Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador Velasco to commemorate his triple crown achievement in winning all three of Grand Tours of cycling (France, Italy and Spain).

Reference: 2010-353:020