Peony Registry

Ewelina and Stefania Wajgert
Herbaceous Hybrid

Seedling number Z050. Parentage unknown. First bloomed 2020, first propagated 2020. Previously distributed under seedling number. Early-midseason to midseason blooming SEMI-DOUBLE to DOUBLE flowers are ivory in color and brushed with pink at the base of the petals. Flowers are 20cm (8″) in diameter, upward facing, and average one per stem. Guard petals are rounded, notched, and average 5-6cm (2″) in width. The single row of guard petals surround slightly shorter inner petallage that exhibits occasional red coloration on petal margins. Intensely fragrant – a scent similar to that of ‘Sunny Girl’. Flowers possess on average three smooth, green carpels, with red stigmas of normal anatomy. Stamens are between 1.25-2cm (0.5-0.75″) long, with light-yellow filaments that darken at the tips. Disk is obscure. Fertile both ways – produces seed easily. Plants reach 90cm (35.5″) at maturity, and carry broad-pointed, green foliage. Foliage at the time of emergence is light-green suffused with brown in color. Growth habit is upright, and mechanical support is unnecessary. The flowers in bud give the impression of vanilla ice cream in green cups. A healthy plant that retains its green foliage until the end of the growing season, and is easy to propagate via division. Named for Cortina dÂ’Ampezzo, a town in the Dolomites of Italy. R081523

Reference: 2023-DIR:XX