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Dakota Girl

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Dakota Girl
Bremer, Nate
Lutea Hybrid

Received January 5, 2020. Seedling #NB-SH104. Parentage: ‘Manchurian Promise’ x Seidl #118. (Seidl #118 is D223 x Seidl #15 (Seidl #15 is Golden Experience x Chinese Dragon)). First bloomed 2015, first propagated 2015. Large flowers to 8 inches in size (20 cm). Three rows of petals. Petals of the outer two rows are large, 2½ inches wide (6¼ cm), rounded, gently ruffled, and shallowly notched. Inner petals smaller and point upwards, but otherwise similar. The ruffling and petal structure add visual bulk to the flower suggesting a SEMI-DOUBLE flower form. The petals have a base color of cream which is heavily overlain with rose-pink on opening. The overlying rose-pink soon fades to reveal rose-veined cream petals with a loosely defined rose border. Deep maroon-black flares extend to 20% of petals’ length, lending an air of mystery to the center of the flower and helping to accentuate the bright compact mass of deep yellow anthers at center. Pollen-bearing stamens have deep red filaments. Well-developed cream-white sheath. On average, 4-6 carpels, light green, smooth. Stigmas cream. Excellent pollen fertility, and while seeds are more of a challenge, they can be obtained with a compatible pollen donor. Light vanilla-like fragrance. Foliage is very deep blue-green and large. Leaves have medium deep lobes with pointed ends and hold throughout the summer and fall to create an excellent landscape specimen. Height to 36 inches (92 cm), though stems are often winter-killed in Wisconsin’s harsher winters. Stems quickly regenerate from basal buds and usually produce excellent bloom on first-year stems. In less demanding climates it is expected that die back will not be an issue and plant height will increase. As growing in Wisconsin, plants are wider than tall. Flowers are carried on long stems which often bend, but that shortcoming is compensated by the quality of the flower. A flower very suitable presented floating in a shallow bowl. Named for dear friend and fellow peony addict, Linette Sorrentino, who has her family roots in the Dakotas.

Reference: 2020-DIR:54