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Danny Boy

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Danny Boy
Herb. Hybrid

Seedling # 3390. Parentage unknown. First bloomed and first propagated before 1998. SINGLE. Large flower, 6-8 inches, petals broad and smoothly rounded. Petals of blended hues, the ground color effect is a pale beige-ivory. An overlay of red (RHS 47B-54B)gives a glow, most intense at center but which grades lighter outward imparting a peachy glow. Elongate soft red flares (RHS 54B) whose color bleeds outward partially through veins and by suffusion to the petal ends. One bloom per stem. Carpels number 4-5, pale green (RHS 142B), moderately to very hairy. Stigmas bright red (RHS 46B). Fertile, pollen bearing stamens and seeds, presumed tetraploid. Early to Early Midseason bloom. Upright growth, support not needed. Robust, reliable and vigorous, this is a very satisfactory peony for massing or specimen use in the landscape, wherever the size fits.

Reference: 2010-354:018