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Dian Jiang Chun

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Dian Jiang Chun
Xu Jinguang; Fang Yifu; Wang Yuan; Sun Yin / Jiang Nannan

Parentage unknown; grown from seed collected from ornamental lactifloras in Heze. First bloomed 2014, first propagated 2016. SEMI-DOUBLE. Normally two flowers per stem (but may have three), 4¾ inches (12cm) in size. Petal color effect is pale pink (RHS:62:D) with color intensity fading towards tips pf petals. Center of flower has a ring of pollen-bearing stamens which surround a tuft of petals having a distinct dark purplish pink edge (RHS:62A). The sepals (bud covers) are heavily streaked dark purplish pink (RHS:58A). Average of three carpels, yellow, smooth (glabrous). Stigmas normal, colored dark reddish purple (RHS:N66A). Has seeds. Midseason bloom. Subtle fragrance. Foliage emerges reddish purple, matures to green. Stems somewhat reddish well into flowering season. Upright growth habit, height to 28½ inches (72 cm).

Reference: 2019 Pending