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Door County Sunset

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Door County Sunset
Lutea Hybrid

Parentage (SH-11: Daphnis 223 x Chinese Dragon) x Golden Era. Hybrid tree peony. First bloomed 1989 as a four-year-old seedling. Cream base overlaid dusky rose, darker pico-tee and flares, single, up to 15 petals. Reliable, 1-3 buds per stem, stamen, pollen, seeds and fragrant. Good substance. Floriferous as lateral flowers are freely produced, up to 60 blossoms per plant. Good carriage, vigorous, very good stem strength, blooms midseason. Blooms well after the coldest Winters. Clump size is 36″ high x 40″ wide. Fertile both ways. Residents and tourists in Door County, Wisconsin see beautiful sunsets over the waters of Green Bay, hence the name. Seedling # SH-106.

Reference: 1996-299:37