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Elizabeth Blair Hirsch

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Elizabeth Blair Hirsch
Reeher / Rogers, R

Seedling number Laurel Hill Garnet Dragon. Single suffruticosa, parentage unknown. First time I saw it bloom—1989. Deep garnet red. One bud per stem, reliable. Has pollen, seeds, stamens. Flat form, excellent substance, profuse amount of bloom. Stems very large, excellent stem strength 3′. Early to mid season bloom. Vigorous, red stems, deep emerald green, with very red overtones. Registered and all information by Rick Rogers, Brothers Herbs and Peonies, P.O. Box 1370, Sherwood, Oregon 97140. This plant was in a seedling patch of mixed Japanese Tree Peony seed collected by Mr. Max Reeher in the 1930’s. No records were kept. There are many good plants that are in this group and I have more of them to introduce. A real stand out in the garden. 3′ globe of dark green foliage with very different long dark red glossy petals, longer than they are wide, that lay out very flat, like an outstretched hand. Named in memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Hirsch, the late mother of Bob Conklin, who is the President of Timer Press. She was a Portland socialite, who was involved with countless philanthropic projects.

Reference: 2001-318:30