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Fairy’s Cheek

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Fairy’s Cheek
Xiaonan Yu, Wei Zhu, Yongming Fan, Miao Sun, Jianxin Liu and Huanzhi Song

Parentage: unknown. First bloomed 2015, first propagated 2016. Shape of the flower, lack of stamens, and discreet guard petals indicate well-developed BOMB flower form. Pink petals of good substance, uniformly colored throughout. An average of 3 blooms per stem, the flower 4¾ inches (12 cm) in diameter. Two rows of guard petals, 1⅜ inches (4 cm) in width. Pleasant fragrance. Stamens absent. Average of three carpels, light green, moderately hairy, with cream colored stigmas. Seed fertile. Blooms midseason. Early foliage on emergence yellow-green in color. Green, broad-pointed foliage at maturity. Upright growth to 31½ inches (80 cm) on strong stems; support not normally needed. Cultivar is suitable for cut flower use. The name was inspired by the poetic literary masterpiece of the Tang dynasty, “The Everlasting Regret,” by the famous poet Bai Juyi, written in the year 809. “Turning her head, she smiled so sweet and full of grace. That she outshone in six palaces the fairest face.”

Reference: 2019-DIR:07