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Faithful Dream

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Faithful Dream
Herbaceous Hybrid

The choice of name reflects the parentage ‘Old Faithful’ x ‘Salmon Dream’. Seedling number SDX1 (has seen some distribution under number). Seed from cross made in 2001; first bloom 2004; first propagated in 2007. SEMI-DOUBLE flower form, though established plants may produce full double flowers. Salmon pink flowers hold color well until petal drop. One flower per stem with occasional side buds. Flower size to 8 inches. Carpels are light green, 3 to 9 in number depending on doubling, and moderately hairy with short white hairs. Stigmas are dark pink having normal anatomy. Has a well-developed staminodal disk, colored dark pink. Stamens, pollen and seeds. Foliage is large, dark green, broadly pointed, and holds well into autumn. Upright plant habit with thick stems needing no mechanical support makes for a handsome bush in the landscape. Average height of 34 inches. Vigorous increase and strong overall growth. ‘Faithful Dream’ is the pollen parent of Certificate of Merit winning seedling FKyPK shown at 2012 APS exhibition in Omaha, Nebraska, and thus will be of particular interest to peony breeders for the genetics contributed by its highly regarded parents, and its proven potential to produce doubling in its seedlings.

Reference: 2014-371:014