Peony Registry

Wentian Deng

Received April 30, 2021. Parentage: Found in a propagation field of ‘Bartzella’ and believed to be a mutation of it. First bloomed 2013, first propagated 2015. It was selected and has proven stable through several propagation cycles using both root division and grafting methods. Early/Midseason bloom period (midway between ‘Hillary’ and ‘Bartzella’). Pink SEMI-DOUBLE, 1 bloom per stem, size 6-8 inches diameter (18-20 cm). Petals cerise pink at the base, quickly bleeding to soft pink as it progresses towards the edges. On occasion, small yellow petaloids may be found embedded at center. Petals neatly arranged, cupped, may be shallowly notched at center. Average width of guard petals 3 inches (7 3/4 cm). Pollen-bearing stamens with yellow filaments. Generally 4 or 5 carpels, green tinged yellow, moderately hairy. Stigmas yellowish cream with normal anatomy. No fertility observed to date. Sheath partial, yellow. Fragrant. Relatively finely-cut foliage, green at flowering. Upright growth averages 38 inches (96 cm). The plant and roots are similar in all respects to ‘Bartzella’, though taller and with longer stems. Flower form somewhat resembles ‘Cora Louise’ but is pink instead of white. Overall a refined flower presentation and suitable for both garden and cut flower use.

Reference: 2021-DIR:54