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Fen Lan Jiao Wa

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Fen Lan Jiao Wa
Li Bing-ling, Liu Yan, Gao Jian-zhou, and Liu Ai-qing

Received January 3, 2021. Seedling number FH-01-003. Parentage: ‘Feng Huang Nie Pan’ x ‘Tao Hua Fei Xue’. First year bloomed 2014, first propagated 2016. Midseason bloom period. SEMI-DOUBLE flower form, 1 bloom per stem, 5 inches in size (13 cm), bright pink (RHS:67B). Guard petals held more or less flat. As petals progress towards the center they become very gradually smaller, more cupped and notched, the overall effect that of a lotus flower. Pollen-bearing stamens at center, filaments yellow throughout. Average of 3 carpels, yellowish-green (RHS:154C), moderately hairy. Stigmas red (RHS:43A), normal anatomy, fertile. Well-developed staminodal disc, white. Not fragrant. Foliage red on emergence from ground, at maturity narrow-pointed and green. Upright self-supporting growth to 30 inches (75 cm). Named for the lacinated inner petals which curl around embracing the center, much like holding a baby.

Reference: 2021-DIR:5