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Fu Rong Yin Yue {MOON IN LOTUS}

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Fu Rong Yin Yue {MOON IN LOTUS}
Yong Yang

Received June 11, 2021. Seedling number L201803. Parentage: Pod parent ‘Miss America’, pollen parent unknown. First bloomed in 2019. First year propagated 2019. Midseason bloom. SEMI-DOUBLE form, 6 inches in size (15 cm), petals with a neat tidy arrangement. Typically 1 bloom per stem, but an additional 1 or 2 sidebuds are not uncommon. Guard petals purplish-pink (RHS:N74D), rounded, notched at center. Inner petals significantly paler (RHS:76D), margins delicately crenulated. Pollen-bearing stamens, filaments yellow. Two to 4 carpels, pale pink, glabrous. Stigmas deep pink (RHS:61D) with normal anatomy. Pale petalodes often emerge from among the stamens at center. Staminodal disc well developed and complete, greenish-yellow. Fertile both ways. Fragrant. Excellent medium green foliage emerges purplish. Upright growth on sturdy stems. Height to 24 inches (60 cm). Named for the resemblance of the petals to those of a lotus. The center of stamens represents the moon, and the paler petals surrounding the stamens suggest a glow emanating from the “moon,” thus “Moon in Lotus.” May be marketed under trade name MOON IN LOTUS.

Reference: 2021-DIR:6