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Fu Zhao Fen Lan

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Fu Zhao Fen Lan
Haijun Zhao, Shupeng Gai, Zhen Chao, Shanshan Yan, Yifu Fang, and Pei Zhang

Received November 22, 2021. Seedling number 1000. Parentage unknown, raised from a collection of mixed seeds which were radiated and then sown in Heze in 1998. First bloomed in 2003, first propagated in 2012. SEMI-DOUBLE flowers, 1 per stem, size 6 inches diameter x 2¾ inches high (15×7 cm), overall color is a very light purple effect (RHS: 75C). Fades lighter with age. The petals are obovate with frilled edges. Ovoid purple-red flares at the base of the petals, the edges bleeding along petal veins. Soft fragrance. Carpels 7-9, deep purple red, very hairy. Stigmas purple red, normal. Pollen-bearing stamens. Sheath absent. Fertile, produces seeds. Foliage is yellow green, suffused purple along the edges. Upright, slightly spreading growth to 26 inches (65 cm). The plant is vigorous of growth, readily able to produce new shoots, and has an effective rate of flower production. The name reflects the feeling of happiness radiating from the dark basal flares culminating in the pink and bluish flower colors. “Radiating” also borrows from the seeds having been subjected to radiation treatment.

Reference: 2022-DIR:XX