Peony Registry

Japanese origin.

Japanese type; medium size; midseason. Dark purplish crimson guard petals of smooth texture and heart-shaped outline; center a cluster of dark old-rose petaloids heavily tipped with pale buff or cream; carpels green, tipped pink and white; slightly fragrant. Tall; floriferous; strong stems. Foliage ruffled and tinged with red. Two varieties pass under this name. The false FUYAJO is a darker, richer crimson, with a spreading tuft of petaloids slightly lighter in tint, tipped with a sprinkle of yellow and white. Flowers are medium size and distinctly cupped. “To me ‘old-rose’ does not describe the color of the petaloids. Outside seems to me is nearer the color of the guards with yellow and creamy white edging. ‘Old-rose’ would give one the impression of a crimson flower with a pink center.”—Fewkes.

Reference: 1928-B-d:098