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Gary Centennial

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Gary Centennial
Herb. Hybrid

Claimed parentage: ‘Mons. Jules Elie’ (colchicine treated) x “Conestoga Wagon Peony” (colchicine treated). The name of the pollen parent alludes to the peony carried with them by the early settlers as they made their way west, most often in Conestoga wagons. Seedling number Z4848. First bloomed 1996. Full double blooms, average number three per stem. Petals pale pink, guards 1 inch width, blossom size 3½ inches. Average height 30 inches. Spreading growth habit benefits from mechanical support. No stamens, no carpels, some fragrance. Blooms mid to late season. Unusual in a hybrid, this peony exhibits many characteristics typical of the Lactiflora Group. Named to honor the centennial of the city of Gary, Indiana. This peony will be ceremoniously introduced on the centennial date, July 14, 2006.

Reference: 2005-336:220