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Gary Indiana

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Gary Indiana
Lutea Hybrid

Lutea hybrid tree peony. Parentage: ‘Kamada Fuji’ (colchicine treated) x ‘Redon’ (colchicine treated). Resulting seedling was also treated. Seedling number 2006. First bloomed 1996. Semi-double blossoms, to 6½ inches in diameter, average number, two per stem. Blooms mid-season and shows tendency to re-bloom. Well displayed flowers are lavender in color, fading towards the edges. Petals are ruffled or crinkled, which with blush edging gives an appealing frosted look that intensifies as the bloom ages. Sheath colored pale rose. Carpels, stamens, and seeds. Broad pointed medium green leaves. Fragrance reminiscent of apples. Average height 40 inches. Named in honor of the city of Gary, Indiana. This peony will be ceremoniously introduced on the centennial date, July 14, 2006.

Reference: 2005-336:220