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Ghost Light

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Ghost Light
Klehm, R.G./Bremer
Lutea Hybrid

This cultivar was part of a group of select seedlings, under number, received from Song Sparrow Nursery in 2019, which were the product of Roy Klehm’s hybridizing program. Plants have excellent flower presentation, which are carried on mounding plants. Strong blue-green foliage with narrower than normal leaflets (for a Lutea Hybrid) cloth stems heavily and have an organized appearance throughout. Foliage lasts through the summer and much of the fall season in good condition. Stem hardiness has proven better than average in Wisconsin compared to other Lutea Hybrids. Culture is easy. Flowers have a brilliant neon cast to the overall orange-coloration. The coral-orange color throughout the flowers are complex and varied in their expression and exhibit deeper tones near the petal edges. The coloration may be termed “tropical” and this cultivar viewed from a distance is orange – more so than other previous “orange” registered cultivars. Flowers have a large row of guard petals and successive interior rows are smaller, creating an excellent layered display. Flowers open flat when displayed in a vase and are impressive for their size and distinctive color variations. Received much attention at the APS Syracuse, New York flower show and received a certificate of merit, best seedling and was forwarded to the Court of Honor. Parentage likely includes ‘Rosalind Elsie Franklin’ in its ancestry due to similar plant and floral traits. No fertility has been noted to date. ‘Ghost Light’ will not be mistaken for other cultivars due to its many unique qualities.  Consistent heavy blooming cultivar compared to many of the other recently introduced cultivars.

Reference: Pending-2024