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Gladys McArthur

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Gladys McArthur
McArthur / NZ Peony Growers Grp.

Permission given for registration to The New Zealand Peony Growers Group, June 6,1991. Craigmore purchased six of seeding in 1981. The plants have been divided and the bloom is consistent, reliable, double white ball. Average amount of bloom that is fragrant. There are small red stripes on the back of the bud. The side buds have moderately long stems. First open, the flower is pale pink and develops to creamy white. Outer petals have tiny flecks of red. The plant has tall straight stems, long pointed leaves, slightly waved. Midseason. Registered by The New Zealand Peony Growers Group Seedling # McArthur 20

Reference: 1991-279:23