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Going Bianlian

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Going Bianlian
Wentian Deng

Parentage unknown. First bloomed 2020, first propagated 2022. Midseason-late blooming DOUBLE flowers are white upon opening, though carry a greenish hue with undertones of
white and occasionally yellow embedded in the petallage mass when opening. Flowers are 15-19cm (5.9-7.5”) in diameter, upward facing with cupped guard petals roughly 5cm (2”) in diameter. On average, stems carry two to three flowers per stem. Fragrance noted. Sparsely hairy carpels are light green with yellow-green stigmas. No pollen, seeds not noted. Plants reach 117cm (46”) at maturity and carry broadly cut green foliage with undertones of purple. Growth habit is upright and does not require mechanical support. In the experimental peony fields in Tianxiang Peony Plantation, a flower of a different color was found with heavy, light-green flowers and petals clustered with each other, presenting a mirror image of a cool child’s head and face, white and tender, with clear eyebrows and the same five senses. The opening of the secondary buds is delayed by two days, and the first child’s head is seen at three degrees of opening, the face not fixed. Sometimes like a cartoon figure, sometimes the two heads appear, and strange animal heads appear, usually lasting two to three days. Gradually, they disappear as the opening degree increases, and the petals gradually change color from green to light-green, to milky-white. Rare green flowers with changing faces, like an intense drama, a cartoon, interesting and picturesque, this is the ‘Going Bianlian’ peony.

Reference: 2022-DIR:XX