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Good Karma

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Good Karma
Anderson / Cartwright
Herbaceous Hybrid

Received February 26, 2021. Parentage: Anderson tetraploid seedling 167 x Reath seedling D-4. First year bloomed 2005, first propagated 2005. Midseason bloom period. BOMB flower form, one bloom per stem, size 6 inches (15¼ cm). Opens a cheerful watermelon pink, soon fading to blush in strong light, and then to a subtle creamy light pink. Petals notched, somewhat twisted, but uniformly so, offering a tidy presentation. Average of 4 carpels, white, sparsely hairy. Stigmas pink with normal anatomy. Stamens absent. No fertility observed. Staminodal disc obscure, white when visible. Foliage emerges green, leaflets narrow pointed. Upright growth to 38 inches (96 cm). Same parentage as Anderson’s ‘Madelin Teresa’ but a taller plant with super sturdy stems. Named for the registrant’s feeling that he must have done something good in a previous life in order to have been blessed with this seedling.

Reference: 2021-DIR:19