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Hermann Krupke

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Hermann Krupke
Stephan Tetzlaff
Lutea Hybrid

Received December 08, 2021. First observed in 2008 as an apparent mutation of ‘Anna Marie’ (Seidl, 1984). Propagated since 2008 by grafting, and has proven stable. Has had some distribution under the garden name ‘Mutation Anna Marie.’ Flower form SINGLE, 1 bloom per stem, size 6 inches (15 cm). Petals cupped, edges ruffled. Overall color effect light pink. Deep reddish-purple flares extend about 30% of petal’s length, then rapidly bleed out towards the extremities of the petals becoming near white, a more dramatic progression than seen in its parent from ‘Anna Marie’. Average of 5 carpels, green, and smooth. Stigmas pinkish, yellowing towards the edges. Brilliant yellow stamens, filaments purplish fading to near white on approach to stamens, pollen absent. Sheath complete, pink. Fertility not explored. In plant characteristics it very much resembles ‘Anna Marie’, including the ease with which grafting success can be achieved. Easily reaches a height of 55 inches (140 cm) in the registrant’s garden. Dieback in colder climates may occur but this is compensated for by strong basal growth in the spring. Named with the permission of his family to honor the memory of the German/Swedish peony hybridizer Hermann Krupke, who passed away in 2020.

Reference: 2022-DIR:XX