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Hong Xia Wan Lv

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Hong Xia Wan Lv
Er-qiang Wang, Hanle Ji, Xiaohui Wang, Lin Lu, Chang-an Liang, Jingjing Pang, Hongfan Liu, Yazhen Guo, Kun Han, Qianyun Wang, Huiping Ma

Parentage: ‘Zhong Sheng Hei’ x ‘Mo Lou Zheng Hui’. Seedling number 1811004-11013. First bloomed 2018, first propagated 2018. Late blooming BOMB flowers are a lavender pink. Plant often exhibits partially developed, or incomplete blossoms that exhibit fading to light pink/white at petal edge, or striations of these two colors across individual petals. Flat, ruffled, and notched guard petals average 6.5cm (2.5”) in width. Flowers are 16cm (6.3”) in diameter, upward facing, and average one per stem. Fragrance noted. Four moderately hairy, green carpels with light-green stigmas are present. Has pollen, and produces seeds. Stamens are between 1.2 and 2cm (0.5-0.75”) long, with purple-red filaments that transition to purple at the tips. Sheath is also purple-red, and complete. Plants reach 95cm (37.5”) at maturity, and carry broad, green foliage. Growth habit is upright. As a multi-colored variety, the flowers show a light purple, and purple-red striped pattern, like the petals of red clouds smudged with threads, which are very strange – hence the name ‘Hong Xia Wan Lv’.

Reference: 2022-DIR:XX