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Hua Fei Xin Zhuang

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Hua Fei Xin Zhuang
Shanshan Li, Liangsheng Wang, Yong Yang, Ajing Wang, and Wenzhong Xu

Received June 9, 2021. Seedling number L201915. Parentage: Suffruticosa Gp. ‘Yin Hong Qiao Dui’ x Suffruticosa Gp. ‘Shimane Chojuraku’. First bloomed in 2017. First year propagated 2019. Midseason bloom. SEMI-DOUBLE, 1 bloom per stem, 8 inches in size (20 cm). Deep purplish-pink flares (RHS:67A) extend 30% of petals’ length and have an indistinct edge that continues to bleed towards the edges of what are essentially white petals. The overall effect is a delicate flower of pale purple hue (RHS:75B). Fades lighter as flower ages. Guard petals flat, softly undulating, shallowly and evenly notched. Average width of guard petals 2? inches (6 cm). Pollen-bearing stamens, filaments light pink at the base, white towards the tips. Average of 7 carpels, greenish yellow, very hairy. Stigmas purplish-red with normal anatomy. Fertile both ways. Sheath partial, purplish pink. Fragrant. Narrow-pointed green foliage, washed purplish-pink when fresh. Upright compact growth with well displayed flowers. Height to 35« inches (90 cm). Named for the flower’s gradual deepening of color from the outer to the inner petals, which gives the allusion to a pretty girl wearing delicately applied makeup.

Reference: 2021-DIR:42