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James Wood

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James Wood
Herbaceous Hybrid

Parentage unknown. Seedling # G11. First bloomed 2001. Single, with double row of petals. The small to medium sized flowers are ivory white with dark silver longitudinal veins at intervals of a few millimeters. Flowers are cup shaped with partially translucent petals which highlight the delicate veins, producing the impression of white silk striped dark silver. Newly opened flowers have gracefully denticulated and somewhat crinkled petals with a greenish light at the base. Blooms are held slightly above the compact bush. Carpels pale green, verging on white, with cream colored stigmata. Filaments of a lustrous yellow are nicely offset by the interior iridescence. Plenty of pollen and seeds. Tapering stems are not husky, but sufficiently strong to support the flowers and remain erect. Fairly broad, veined leaflets of a light green sharpen to a point. Blooms early season. Named after an ancestor.

Reference: 2006-337:030