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Jiu Zhou Feng Yún

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Jiu Zhou Feng Yún
Zhongying Kang / Yanlong Zhang

Parentage unknown. First year bloomed 2011; first propagated 2011. DOUBLE. One flower per stem; size 7½–8½ inches (19–22 cm). Flowers may have a pale pink flush when fresh, but soon fade to white. Petals ruffled and shallowly notched. Dark purplish red flares extend about 35% the petals length. Full double shows almost complete progressive stamen transformation. Very few stamens remain, some showing partial transformation, pollen generally absent. Filaments white. Carpels greenish yellow. Sheath partial, greenish yellow (RHS:144B). No seeds. Has fragrance. Height at maturity 54 inches (137 cm). Named by Li Jiajue and Chen Dezhong for the large flower size and the upright dignified plant posture.

Reference: 2019 Pending