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Jian Zhao Xia

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Jian Zhao Xia
Jiang Nannan; Fang Yifu; Wang Yuan; Sun Yin / Xu Jinguang

Parentage unknown; grown from seed collected from ornamental lactifloras in Heze. First bloomed 2014, first propagated 2016. SEMI-DOUBLE. One flower per stem. Flowers 4½ inches (11 cm) in size. Guard petals rounded, very pale pink. Loosely-formed flares of darker raspberry (RHS: purplish-red 62D) splash out from the depths of the petals. Center petals and staminodes smaller, similarly colored, wildly twisted and notched, “like morning clouds flying all over the sky.” Average of 3 carpels, yellow (RHS:3D), and lacking hairiness. Stigmas are purplish red (RHS:N66A) with normal anatomy. Fertile. Pollen-bearing stamens embedded among the center petals, filaments yellow. Staminodal disk is purplish-red (RHS:62D) but incomplete, with only a few projections. Midseason bloom. No fragrance. Upright to slightly spreading growth habit, height to 20½ inches (52 cm). Foliage green, narrow pointed leaflets with edges somewhat rolled, stems and leaf petioles washed purplish-red.

Reference: 2019-DIR:11