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Jing Hong

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Jing Hong
Xiaomei Sun, Lixin Yang, Chenlu Yang, Shixin Guan, Aowei Xu, and Rujie Xin

Seedling number 2019-55. Parentage unknown. First bloomed 2023, first propagated 2023. Early blooming SINGLE to SEMI-DOUBLE flowers are red to reddish-purple, 17.7cm (7″) in diameter, upward facing, and average two per stem. White flares transcend between 40-60% of total petal length. Additionally, a striated white pattern has been observed on the reverse side of the petals. Guard petals are cupped, and notched, and are typically 7.2cm (2.8″) in diameter. Fragrant. Flowers possess on average five very hairy, white carpels with pink-red stigmas of normal anatomy. Stamens are more than 2cm (0.75″) in length, with purple-red filaments and white tips. Sheath is partial, and purplish-red in color. Produces both pollen and seeds. Plants reach 60cm (23.5″) at maturity, and carry widely-cut, pointed, green foliage with purple edges. Foliage at time of emergence is yellow-green. Growth habit is upright; mechanical support is unnecessary. Gorgeous flowers, like beauty, make people amazing, let a person fall in love at first sight, so named as ‘Jing Hong’ (to see unexpectedly).

Reference: 2023-DIR:XX