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Joyful Blush

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Joyful Blush
Anderson / Swenson Gardens
Herb. Hybrid

Seedling No. UHS 5. First year bloomed 2015, first year propagated 2016. Parentage not given. Midseason bloom. SEMI-DOUBLE. One bloom per stem, size 5 inches (13 cm). Petals light pink with watermelon flares extending 15% of petal’s length. Flares not prominent, but visible in the depths of the flower. Petals cupped, edges rounded, about 1¾ inches (4-5 cm) wide. Carpels generally 2, white, moderately hairy. Stigmas white with normal anatomy, no fertility seen. Some pollen-bearing stamens interspersed among the petals, many stamens transformed, the staminodes linear shaped, creamy pink in color. Staminodal disc obscure. No fragrance. Early foliage emerges green. Upright growth habit, height 26-28 inches (66-71 cm), support not needed.

Reference: Pending