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Joyful Desire

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Joyful Desire
Anderson / Swenson Gardens
Herb. Hybrid

Seedling No. UHS 15. First year bloomed 2015, first year propagated 2016. Parentage not given. Early season bloom. SINGLE to SEMI-DOUBLE. Two blooms per stem, size 5 inches (13 cm). Petals soft yellow, cupped, generally rounded, somewhat ruffled, especially towards the center. Progressive stamen transformation in evidence with petals becoming smaller towards the center, along with a few narrow petal-like staminodes. Carpels generally 2, cream colored, very hairy, stigmas pink with normal anatomy, fertile. Center boss of pollen-bearing stamens, filaments yellow. Staminodal disc well developed, light pink. No fragrance. Early foliage emerges green. Upright growth habit, height 22-24 inches (56-61 cm), support not needed.

Reference: Pending