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Herbaceous Hybrid

Seedling No. MB007/2009. First year bloomed 2013, propagated 2015. Parentage: Unnamed light peach Quad seedling, open pollinated. SINGLE, 1 bloom per stem, 4 inches in size (10 cm), petals cupped. Flowers are pristine white from the start, without cream, pink or peach nuances, and no pink hues at bud stage. An average of three carpels, pale green and smooth. Stigmas light pink with normal anatomy and fertile (seeds). Pollen bearing stamens have yellow filaments throughout. No fragrance. Early bloom season. Foliage relatively narrow, pointed, and green. Plant height to 25 inches (65 cm). This peony selected for its small stature and its relatively small flowers, unlike any of the other Quads or their seedlings in the registrant’s breeding program. The name intended “to pay homage to the endless Nordic summer nights and to commemorate the centenary of Finland as an independent state,” and also to reflect the registrants own Finnish heritage.

Reference: 2018-386:23