Peony Registry

KC Red
Seidl / Bremer
Lutea Hybrid

Seedling No: Seidl SH138. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Parentage: Seidl #15 x unknown. (Seidl #15 comes from a cross of ‘Golden Experience’ x ‘Chinese Dragon’, not yet named or registered.) SEMI-DOUBLE flowers of red-pink coloration, 6-7 inches in size (15-18 cm). Petals are shallowly notched and ruffled along their edges. Sheath and stigmas are red, carpels light green, stamens carry bright yellow pollen, filaments are red. Makes seeds. Flower carriage is very good and bloom is reliable as grown in Wisconsin. Plants are healthy and easy growers. Some leaves have purple flush in them for an extended period before turning blue-green for the summer growing season. Upright growth to 4½ feet (137 cm). In the late 1990’s Bill was culling plants in his garden and gifted a cull seedling to Kris Casey, a dear friend of Bill’s. Bill later saw the plant growing in Kris’ garden and decided he would like it back in his garden, and so it happened. It became known as ‘KC Red’ and Bill began to breed with it, only to find that the plant was exceptionally fertile and quite beautiful. Previous distribution under SH138 and as ‘KC Red’.

Reference: 2018-385:10