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Ke Yu Tan Chun

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Ke Yu Tan Chun
Xiaogai Hou, Lili Guo, Chengwei Song, Qi Guo, Huili Ma, and Yuying Li

Seedling number 08004-02. Parentage: P. ostii x P. suffruticosa ‘Lan Yue Liang’. First bloomed 2013 first propagated 2014. Very early blooming SEMI-DOUBLE flowers are a vibrant pink, fading to light pink at petal margins. Crimson flares emerge from the flower center and transcend approximately 30% of the total petal length. Flowers are 16cm (6.3″) in diameter, upward facing, and average one per stem. Guard petals are flat and notched, and are typically 4cm (1.6″) in width. Light fragrance. Flowers possess on average five to six tomentose, green carpels with yellow stigmas of normal anatomy. Stamens are more than 2cm (0.75″) in length, with pale-yellow filaments that turn to a strong pink at the tips. Produces pollen, though seed fertility has not been noted. No apparent sheath. Plants reach 120cm (47.25″) at maturity, and carry narrow-pointed, green foliage. Foliage at time of emergence is green. Growth habit is upright; mechanical support is unnecessary. The first-year branches are long and tender, with a strong growth and branching power, and a particularly high rate of flowering. On two-year old branches, it can produce three or more flowers, with a length of the flowering branch ranging from 43-47cm (17-18.5″), the flowers erect on the branch. Flower and leaf coordinating well. ‘Ke’ is a variety cultivated by Henan University of Science and Technology, “Yu” represents a precious species, and “Tan Chun” indicates that it is an early flowering variety.

Reference: 2023-DIR:XX