Peony Registry

Laning / Hollingsworth
Herbaceous Hybrid

Seedling No. 3122. Parentage unknown; received in 2001 in a shipment from Chris Laning as an extra plant, unmarked. First bloomed before 2001, first propagated 2001. SEMI-DOUBLE, large blossoms open Early, the second week of peony flowering. The fluffy flower is made up entirely of layered guard petals (4-6 rows), their hue a creamy mauve blush, which surround a compact center of erect stamens. One bloom per stem, size to 7 inches (18 cm). Notably absent are the smaller inner petals commonly seen as an important part of peony flower doubling. Average of 5-6 carpels, green, very hairy, normally hidden. Stigmas red, normal. Pollen-bearing stamens, filaments pale yellow. These bold flowers are presented shortly above the stout, erect bush, the stems to 32 inches (81 cm) in field conditions, well adapted to inclusion in a viewed landscape. Foliage holds condition well into summer with moderate resistance to peony mildew.

The plant came to us from Chris Laning unannounced in 2001, obviously distinct from the Itoh Hybrid roots we were expecting, earning it the field name “Laning Twentieth Century Surprise.” And, what a very pleasant surprise from my breeder perspective: fertile pollen, abundant seeds and promising the genetics for multipetally, the trait believed important in the complex genome which enables the big, petals-packed Doubles class of peony flowers. The name honors my granddaughter, Kimberly Suzanne.” – Don Hollingsworth

Reference: 2019-DIR:23