Peony Registry

Elina Vynogradska

Received August 4, 2021. No seedling number, has always been referred to as Kolyska. Parentage: ‘Monsieur Jules Elie’ x ‘The Fawn’. Seed planted 2010, first bloomed 2015, first propagated 2018. DOUBLE, of flower-in-flower form, size 7-8 inches (18-20 cm), normally with 2 side buds. Pink color of flowers achieved by dark pink spots speckled on a white background. Guard petals near white, inner petals more intensely pigmented. Row of petals boldly edged carmine show boundary between inner and outer “flowers.” Guard petals rounded but petals become notched, almost frilled, towards the center. Average width of guard petals 3 1/2-4 inches (9-10 cm). Pollen-bearing stamens interspersed among petals at boundary between first and second stage flowers. Carpels, yellowish, very hairy. Stigmas orangish, somewhat feathered, but fertile and capable of seed production. Strong fragrance. Midseason bloom period. Early foliage green, rimmed reddish, becomes fully green at maturity. Upright growth on strong stems, height 35 1/2-39 inches (90-100 cm). Stem strength supports main flower when side buds are removed, otherwise mechanical support may be needed. The cultivar name refers to a child’s cradle and was inspired by the suggestion of a child nestled in a cradle as the flower first opens.

Note:  Name spelling changed from ‘Kolybelnaya’ to ‘Kolyska’ due to transliteration error.   Spelling of this cultivar is incorrect in the published Directory of New Cultivars – 2021 and corrected in the online text.  October 4, 2022. NB.

Reference: 2021-DIR:10