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Seidl / Casey / Bremer
United States

Parentage unknown, a seedling given to Kris Casey by William Seidl in the 1990’s. Has long been known as Krickles and has had limited prior distribution under that name. Named for Kris Casey. First year bloomed is unknown but sometime in the 1990’s. First propagated 2004. Large pale lavender-pink SEMI-DOUBLE flowers, usually only 1 per stem, 7½ inches (19 cm) in size. Petals are attractively ruffled and crimped along the edges, darker lavender at the base, flushing paler towards the edges. Seven to 10 pale green carpels, sparsely hairy, topped with bright pink-red stigmas. Sheath partial, purple. Pollen-bearing stamens with filaments lavender-orchid at the base, fading to white at the tips. Fertile both ways. Flowers carried in upright, well displayed position. Plants are strong growers with excellent disease resistance. Foliage is typical of most suffruticosa cultivars, deep blue-green, but has red petioles and veining in leaves. Stems branch liberally and produce many flowers each year. Excellent stem hardiness, resisting winter damage in most years. Upright growth to 5 feet (160 cm) with a spread of 6 feet or more (180 cm) after 10 years.

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