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La Mutante

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La Mutante
Herbaceous Hybrid
Canada, QC

Seedling: Guy #2-2006. Parentage: P. mlokosewitschii x ‘Le Printemps’. First bloomed 2012, first propagated 2013. SINGLE, normally only one flower per stem, flower size 6 inches (23 cm). Guard petals are pale yellow, rounded, and cupped. Carpels are yellow, as are the stigmas. Staminodal disk is red. Has pollen bearing stamens and will make seeds. Blooms early midseason and is fragrant. It is however the foliage that makes ‘La Mutante’ very different. During the first three weeks the foliage is yellow (RHS 153C) with the tips being more intensely colored. Spots of dark green then begin to appear on the yellow background followed by a fading of the yellow to creamy white. The leaflets then become suffused with pink and this effect lasts until autumn. Average height at maturity 32 inches (81 cm), no support needed. A note from the originator states that he is always pleasantly surprised to see the color of the foliage through that of the other peonies with the vivid yellow color appearing like a ray of sunshine. The pale yellow flowers harmonize with and compliment the foliage.

Reference: 2015-373:016