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La Périgny

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La Périgny
Herbaceous Hybrid
Canada, QC

Parentage: ‘Night Watch’ x unknown. Grown of seed provided by Blaine Marchand, poet and a past president of the Canadian Peony Society. First bloomed 2012, first propagated 2013. Fuchsia-pink SEMI-DOUBLE with three rows of tidy, nicely rounded guard petals surrounding the central petals which are arranged in what a visual artist would describe as “pleasant disarray,” the stamens sometimes visible. Vibrant pink colour is retained throughout the flowering period. One flower per stem, 5 inches (13 cm), held about 6 inches (15 cm) above the foliage, eminently suitable for cutting. Carpels yellow, stigmas the same color as the petals (RHS 74C). Stamens, pollen and seeds. Early midseason bloom period. Average height at maturity 36 inches (91 cm) with a spreading growth habit. No support needed. The name refers to the road where the originator’s secondary residence is located.

Reference: 2016-377:06