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Love 357

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Love 357
Lutea Hybrid

Seedling # “Honorary number ZJD 357.” Parentage Zlata’s Jennie x Zlata’s Jennie. First bloomed 1995 Golden yellow tree peony. This golden yellow flower with mauve-rose edges has a deeper gold, inner bloom with short rose center flares. Some blossoms have a pronounced center tuft, others none. It has pollen, seeds, and fragrant. One to three buds per stem. 36 inches in height, midseason bloom. Blooms held up extremely well in snow, ice, and weeks of rain. Medium green foliage. Named in honor of my family members who died in the Civil War in Yugoslavia. Before the Civil War I had three hundred fifty-seven relatives in Yugoslavia; today I have none. Flower photo on file. Seedling # ZJD 357

Reference: 1996-299:28