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Luna Fortuna

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Luna Fortuna
Herb. Hybrid

Seedling PVG-4. Parentage: ‘Pink Vanguard’ x unspecified. First bloomed 2010; first propagated 2012. Has had prior distribution under name. Flower-in-flower DOUBLE, 1 flower per stem, 5 inches (12½ cm) in size. Fragrant. Blooms with ‘Vanilla Schnapps’ and ‘Little Corporal’. 1½ inch (3½ cm) yellow flower buds, opening to 5 inches heavy filled flowers. Carpels green, normally 2, very hairy; stigmas dark pink. Pollen-bearing stamens, light green filaments. No seeds. Medium green broad foliage. Strong upright stems of 32 inches length (80 cm), but heavy flowers may need support at their peak. Vigorous, floriferous, long-lasting flowers. Name explanation: ‘‘Luna’ (goddess) the ancient Roman divine personification of the Moon and ‘Fortuna’ stands for the Roman Goddess of Fortune and personification of luck.

Reference: 2017-381:20