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Madame Jacqueline Desmarais

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Madame Jacqueline Desmarais
Herbaceous Hybrid
Canada, QC

Parentage:  ‘Salmon Chiffon’ x pollen unknown.  First bloomed 2015, first propagated 2018. SEMI-DOUBLE.  One, or sometimes 2, blooms per stem. Flowers 8 inches (20 cm) in size. Petals soft pink (RHS: 56A), the edges rounded and gently ruffled. Petals become smaller and somewhat twisted towards the center, which adds visual volume to the flower. Petals have flares and these have bleeding edges, especially along the veins of the petals. Five carpels (sometimes more), green, and smooth. Stigmas fuchsia, with normal anatomy. Pollen-bearing stamens, filaments fuchsia at the base, pale creamy-yellow above. Makes seeds, presumed pollen fertile as well. Midseason bloom. Sweet and pleasant fragrance. Flowers held well above the foliage offering good cut-flower potential. Tall imposing plant with upright growth habit to 48 inches (120 cm), but mechanical support not needed. Named for Madame Jacqueline Desmarais, philanthropist and benefactor of arts and culture. Recipient of the Order of Canada (2013); National Order of Québec (2012); Legion of Honor (France, 2011).

“I have named this peony to honor and recognize the outstanding contribution of Jacqueline Desmarais to the arts community and cultural institutions. Being myself an artist, I truly believe that the vision and kindness of generous benefactors is of the utmost importance to the expression of the arts. Mrs. Desmarais and I also shared a common love of the mountain region of Charlevoix where I raised this beautiful peony.” – François-Léo Tremblay

Reference: 2019-DIR:26