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Maman Millet

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Maman Millet

8.95. Lactiflora. Double. Mid season. Pink. Considering this to be the most beautiful peony he had ever raised, Millet gave it the name most loved in his family. The flower is a result of a cross between a Japanese type and a double and is a very large semi-double, often immense, with rather bending stems and distinctive foliage. Its coloring is exquisite in its soft pink guard petals with a center of white tinted pink and many yellow stamens. It possesses a beauty and charm that few flowers have, and should have a place in the gardens of all who like flowers of its type. While similar in form and coloring to Lady Alexandra Duff, its color is softer and better distributed, though it does not have as good stems.

Reference: 1935-B060:11