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Margaret’s Delight

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Margaret’s Delight
Margaret McCrae (deceased), Walla Walla, WA / Adelman Peony Gardens, Salem, OR

Seedling No: McCrae 9. Pod parent ‘Lake o’ Silver’, pollen parent unknown. Year of first bloom unknown, first propagated 2006. Has had prior distribution under current name. Early Midseason bloom period. Full DOUBLE, colored blushed pink to white depending on coolness of season. Flower size 6 inches (15 cm). Average of two flowers per stem. Rounded, shallowly notched guard petals; inner petals show increased notching contributing to the fullness of the flower. Petals at center have yellow at the base, which while not visible may impart a yellow glow to the center. Carpels absent, stamens absent. Disc obscure to absent. No fragrance. Deep green foliage. Upright growth to 30 inches (76 cm).

Reference: 2019 Pending