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Maria Teressa

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Maria Teressa
Lutea Hybrid

double hybrid tree peony. Parentage unknown (BC2). First bloomed 1968. This dark pink double is a ball form with stamens, pollen and seeds, also fragrant. It is reliable, with 1-2 buds per stem, good substance with 20-30 blooms. It grows to 5-6 feet, vigorous with good stem strength, blooms in late May. Dark green foliage. This plant is the first to bloom of the hybrids, along with the hybrid “Tria.” It is very floriferous with an abundance of flowers. Holds the flowers high and lasts for about two weeks. The color of this flower reminds me of the color of the tunic that Maria Teressa wore when she was dancing. (Dancer, adopted daughter of Isadora Duncan) Photo on file. Seedling # D404

Reference: 1996-299:31