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Marie Jacquin

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Marie Jacquin

Semi-double type; large; midseason. Pale pink, becoming white with creamy tones; big cluster of yellow stamens in the center; very strong, pungent perfume. Medium height; very floriferous; strong stems. Good foliage. Considered identical with BRIDESMAID (Kelway) and WATER LILY (Barr). A very distinct, cupped flower of variable fullness, nearly single on young plants but almost fully double when established and under good cultivation. Normally blooms in clusters which give it great decorative value outdoors, but requires disbudding if specimens are wanted for cutting or show. A very popular and well-liked variety. “To me this is one of the most beautiful peonies.”—Little. “I do not think a variety should be classified as semi-double in type when it gives double blooms on well-established plants.”—Saunders.

Reference: 1928-B-d:117